Renew your edge.

A restaurant’s knives become dull with use. Periodically, a chef must use a honing steel to realign the edge of each knife, allowing it to perform more efficiently in the chef’s hands.

Just as a knife requires a honing steel to realign its edge, the restaurant itself needs help and guidance to renew its performance and, in essence, its edge on the competition.

In fact, all businesses with hospitality at their core – restaurants, bars, hotels, retailers and more – need to renew themselves and their operations from time to time, to renew their edges. Isn’t it time your business honed itself as chefs hone the edges of their knives?

We’re Honing Steel Hospitality. Renew your edge.

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“BARcelona Tapas Restaurant partnered with Matthew to help with reputation management, social media marketing, assisting in the hiring of a new management team, assisting in training and culinary improvements as well as presenting and leading a weekly management P&L meeting in our Indianapolis location.  Through his dedication and hospitality knowledge and experience, Matthew has been a major factor in stabilizing and improving business at this location.”

Frank Schmitz, BARcelona Tapas Restaurants

“Working with Matthew has been a key component in our brand development at Burgerhaus. His attention to detail and follow through helped us establish and solidify our culture and carried us to the next level.  Matthew’s long line of experience in the hospitality industry gave him the knowledge and competence to be able to answer any question we had while developing a plan of action to tackle any potential obstacles. From developing creative work on Adobe Illustrator to forming our key systems, to efficiently establishing, managing and leading a team, Matthew is a real-life Swiss Army Knife for restaurant start-ups.”

Evan Costas, Burgerhaus Restaurants

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